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Blogger Policy:

Welcome to Travelexpro's Blogger Community!

Purpose: The purpose of this Blogger Policy is to outline the guidelines, expectations, and eligibility criteria for bloggers participating in Travelexpro's blog section.

Eligibility Criteria:To be eligible to participate in Travelexpro's Blogger Community, bloggers must meet the following criteria:

Membership: Bloggers must be registered members of Travelexpro.

Complete Blogger Profile: Bloggers are required to have a complete blogger profile on Travelexpro, including relevant links to their social media profiles and previous blog posts, if applicable.


  1. Quality Content: Bloggers are expected to submit high-quality, original, and informative travel-related content. Plagiarism or the use of copyrighted materials without permission is strictly prohibited.
  2. Relevance: All blog posts should be relevant to travel, destinations, experiences, or travel tips. Irrelevant content will not be accepted.
  3. Respectful and Inclusive: Bloggers are required to maintain a respectful and inclusive tone in their posts. Content that promotes discrimination, hate speech, or harm towards any individual or group is not allowed.
  4. Accuracy: Bloggers must ensure the accuracy of the information provided in their blog posts. Misleading or false information should be avoided.
  5. Approval Process: All submitted blog posts will go through an approval process by Travelexpro's content moderation team. Bloggers are encouraged to follow any feedback provided during this process.
  6. Ownership and Attribution: Bloggers retain ownership of their content, but by submitting it to Travelexpro, they grant the website the right to publish, modify, and promote their content. Proper attribution will be provided.
  7. Reward Points: Approved blog posts may earn reward points, which can be redeemed as specified by Travelexpro.
  8. Compliance: Bloggers must comply with all applicable laws, including copyright and privacy laws, in their blog posts.
  9. Professionalism: Bloggers are expected to maintain professionalism in their interactions with Travelexpro and other community members.
  10. Feedback: Bloggers are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the blogging experience on Travelexpro.

By participating in Travelexpro's Blogger Community and meeting the eligibility criteria, you agree to abide by this Blogger Policy and all applicable terms and conditions. Travelexpro reserves the right to amend this policy as needed and to suspend or remove bloggers who violate these guidelines. We look forward to your valuable contributions to our travel community!

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Travelexpro is not responsible for content on external Web sites.

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