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Store FAQs

Travelexpro offers two main types of online purchase options:
- Amazon Affiliate Products: A curated selection of best-selling products recommended by travelers through our Amazon affiliate program.
- Travelexpro Exclusive: Products exclusively designed by Travelexpro in collaboration with independent artists, available through third-party manufacturers.

Shipping availability depends on the product and its seller. For Amazon products, if the seller ships to your country, then yes, international shipping is available. For Travelexpro Exclusive products, shipping is currently limited to select locations, primarily in the USA.

Payment methods vary depending on the platform used to purchase the product. For Amazon products, payment methods accepted are determined by Amazon's policies. Travelexpro accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and potentially other options based on the seller's preferences.

Discounts and promotions on Amazon products are managed by Amazon, and Travelexpro will advertise any applicable offers. Additionally, you can use reward points towards Travelexpro-specific products. Please note that once an item is returned, points are not reversed.

Yes, you can track your order for Travelexpro Exclusive products. However, tracking for Amazon products will be managed through Amazon's tracking system. Travelexpro does not track Amazon products, and vice versa.

Travelexpro offers two main types of online purchase options: Amazon Affiliate Products and Travelexpro Exclusive products. Amazon Affiliate Products are sourced from Amazon's extensive marketplace, while Travelexpro Exclusive products are specially designed items available through third-party manufacturers.

We apologize for any confusion regarding the receipt of travel perks or rewards after making a purchase through an Amazon affiliate link. Please note that our travel perks and rewards are typically associated with specific promotions, bookings, or membership programs. Purchases made through Amazon affiliate links may not always be eligible for these perks or rewards, as they are separate from our direct booking channels or loyalty programs. We recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of the promotion or offer associated with the Amazon affiliate link to understand the eligibility criteria for receiving travel perks or rewards. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance.

Travelexpro is not responsible for content on external Web sites.

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