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Terms and Conditions:

Privacy Policy
In this policy, you will discover valuable insights about TravelexPro. Our commitment to transparency and your privacy is paramount. Here, we provide comprehensive information about how we handle your data, ensuring it remains safe and secure throughout your journey with us. Learn about the measures we take to protect your personal information, the sources from which we gather data, and the purposes for which it is used. We empower you with the knowledge of your rights and how to exercise them, putting you in control of your data. TravelexPro is dedicated to your privacy, and this policy serves as our pledge to keep your trust.
Terms and Conditions
This document outlines the terms and conditions that viewers will find on a website or service. It covers various aspects, including agreement to terms, eligibility conditions, registration, and password requirements. It emphasizes the importance of accurate and timely information, billing accuracy, and potential modifications to the service and prices. The document also addresses offers, discounts, privacy, and the use of cookies. It asserts intellectual property rights, provides guidelines for reviews and feedback, and emphasizes website security. Additionally, it discusses indemnification, disclaimers of warranty, governing laws, notices, dispute resolution, and termination of accounts. Viewers should consult this document for a comprehensive understanding of their rights and obligations.
Refund and Return Policy
The purpose of our refund and return policy for travel products is to provide our customers with clear guidelines on how to request refunds and return items purchased from our shop. We aim to ensure a hassle-free and fair process for our customers while maintaining the quality and satisfaction of their shopping experience. This policy outlines the steps to initiate returns, facilitating smooth transactions and addressing any concerns or inquiries through our contact information provided. Our commitment is to offer transparency and support, enhancing trust and confidence in our products and services.
Cookie Policy
The Cookie Policy for Travelexpro, an online travel agency specializing in AI-driven hybrid chat support, travel planning, and GDR consolidators, is established to inform users about the purpose and function of cookies on our platform. In this policy, we clarify the nature of cookies, the specific types we utilize, how they enhance your experience and support our services, and provide guidance on managing your cookie preferences. We also touch on other tracking technologies for transparency. Additionally, the policy outlines our approach to communicating updates and provides contact information for any inquiries or concerns, ensuring transparency and user empowerment regarding their online experience.

Travelexpro is not responsible for content on external Web sites.

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