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Umrah Visa vs Saudi Visit Visa - Which one to Choose?

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Planning a trip to Saudi Arabia often involves a significant decision – choosing between the Umrah Visa and the Saudi Visit Visa (Tourist Visa). While both visas serve distinct purposes, it's important to note that Muslims can perform Umrah even on a Tourist Visa, making it a viable option. Additionally, the Umrah Visa has a 90-day rule that can require meticulous time management. In this travel blog, we will explore the purposes of these visas, with a focus on how convenience and flexibility can influence your decision.

    1. Purpose: The Umrah Visa is specifically for Muslims who wish to perform the religious pilgrimage known as Umrah in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. In contrast, the Saudi Visit Visa (Tourist Visa) is designed for individuals who wish to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism, leisure, or personal reasons, and it allows tourists to explore the country's attractions, landmarks, and cultural sites.
    2. Duration of Stay: The Saudi Visit Visa allows for a maximum stay of 90 days per trip, while the Umrah Visa is usually issued for 30 days, intended to be sufficient for completing religious rituals. Umrah Visas have restrictions on traveling only between these two holy cities, while the Tourist Visa grants access to explore various cities in Saudi Arabia. The Umrah Visa is a single-entry visa that typically has a 30-day duration, requiring an advance application, whereas the Tourist Visa is valid for a year, with options for one-time or multiple entries, allowing for a maximum 90-day stay per trip. The choice between these visas should align with your travel objectives, convenience, and the places you wish to explore in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    3. Travel Restrictions or Limitations: The Saudi Visit Visa allows individuals to travel freely within the country. However, Umrah Visa holders are generally required to stay within the holy cities and are expected to perform the required rituals of Umrah.
    4. Availability: The Saudi Visit Visa is open to all citizens of eligible countries regardless of religion and is easier to apply for. The Umrah Visa is available to Muslims worldwide and is typically facilitated through authorized travel agents or tour operators.
    5. ZamZam Water: Only Umrah Visa holders can take ZamZam water out of the country, a privilege not extended to Saudi Visit Visa holders.
    6. Number of Entries: The Saudi Visit Visa may allow for multiple entries, whereas the Umrah Visa is a single-entry visa.

In summary, if you're a Muslim seeking to perform Umrah and bring back ZamZam water, the Umrah Visa is your choice. For Muslims desiring to explore Saudi Arabia for Umrah, tourism, leisure, or multiple entries within the country, the Saudi Visit Visa is the most suitable option. Non-Muslim travelers are limited to the Saudi Visit Visa. Be aware of the specific eligibility requirements and restrictions associated with the Umrah Visa, and ensure your travel dates align accordingly.

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